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(Guy Thomas)  1980          Dedicated to Cynthia Curnan

Running out of breath
Slightly out of step
I'm as good as dead if I stumble
And you illuminated
The road so I could see
What was comin' up on me 
Before I tumble

And I promise you
That I won't promise to
Be so self-assured

Yellow moon
What was it we went through
A sudden burst of light
That took us throught the night 
I'm always here for you
Yellow moon 

Like a total stranger
And like a closest friend
Looking at you I get both feelings
And I will not regret it
No not for one day
Cause all I had to say
Is that I love you

I'm the harmony
You're the melody
You're the satellite
Watchin' over me

Yellow moon
I'll always remember you
(I'll always remember)
And that sudden burst of light
That took us through the night 

And brought me so close to you
Yellow moon
Daylight has come too soon
Just give me another place in time
And I'm gonna meet you there
The sky is callin' us
Yellow moon
Yellow moon
Yellow moon
Stay with me now

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