THE LAST LION (Acoustic mix)

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  • (Guy Thomas) 2011


  • They were all hiding in the bush
  • Big game hunters out on the loose
  • And they got their bullets
  • And their guns
  • Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run today
  • Who's diggin'
  • The last lion's grave
  • And now the dow falls and panic rises
  • Wall street's got itself a new crisis
  • And half way around the world
  • They kill the beast and argue over who will get
  • The last lion head
  • It's a sign of the times so many feel
  • Their lives have been hijacked
  • By those who take whatever they can
  • And never  give nothin' back
  • As night falls on the savannah
  • I was waking up in Tarzana
  • He was sleeping out under the moon
  • And I was thinking of writing a tune to sing
  • To the last lion king
  • Well Joni's thought was the parking lot was paradise
  • And we don't really know just what we've got until it dies
  • And when there's no more
  • Loud roar
  • Big teeth 
  • With the pompadour
  • The large paws, sharp claws
  • Steel jaws
  • Who's gonna keep us
  • Where we belong?
  • When the last lion is gone
  • Who's gonna be strong?
  • When the last lion is gone

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