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WEAVING STORIES |  3:15    2010


Mixed by Michael Carey. Thanks Michael!!

  • We were as light as the breeze
  • And I fly so high inside those memories
  • Of the days we wandered aimlessly
  • With nothing but the wind to move us
  • So we moved on

  • Now you watch the channels you like
  • (you do, you do)
  • While I read a book beneath my new mini book light
  • As our soldiers fight the war on terror
  • And we tuck our kids into bed here
  • And weave them stories
  • Stories…….

  • SOLO

  • And thank God the balloon boy is safe
  • What would we do without another great story
  • Weaving stories
  • Stories………  
  • Weaving stories
  • Stories………
  • (tellin' me, tellin' you)
  • (tellin' me, tellin' you)
  • (tellin' me, tellin' you)
  • (tellin' me, tellin' you)
  • Stories..................
  • All you need, all you need 
  • All you need is love

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