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"HER WINTER COAT" | 3:19  
(G.Thomas)  2010


  • She wore her winter coat
  • On a summer day
  • In the desert
  • With nothing underneath
  • And nothing more to say
  • I undress her
  • And like a movie I will play her
  • Over and over in my sleep
  • And I will never understand her
  • I don’t claim to ever
  • Be that deep
  • I don’t care too much
  • What she does or doesn’t do
  • As long as she’s here
  • She doesn’t have to make
  • Any sense at all
  • I’m gonna call it the truth
  • As long as she’s here
  • And she dances in the 
  • Morning sunlight
  • And I watch in delight
  • For a while
  • Then I pretend I don’t even notice her
  • I turn away and sip my coffee 
  • And we both smile
  • Well she sees the world 
  • In her reflection
  • Countless dimensions in her eyes
  • And she tangles up my senses with her
  • Crazy love but I know, it’s alright
  • And she wears her winter coat
  • On a summer day in the desert
  • In the desert
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