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  • (Guy Thomas - Kenny Loggins)  1992


  • I can tell you're wonderin' brother
  • If there's somethin' wrong with you
  • You've been lettin' one thing or the other
  • Get the best of you
  • You've been in a race
  • To get someplace
  • That you thought was right for you
  • And let all your so called friends
  • Tell you what you ought to do
  • Well you were willing to try
  • But your heart wouldn't lie to you
  • You can listen to your mind
  • But your heart will never lie to you
  • You think you need a perfect lover
  • To live a perfect life
  • But you find some reason or another
  • To push what you feel aside
  • Through all the magic (all the nights)
  • And all the madness (all the highs)
  • You've always ended up so alone
  • Not knowing every step
  • Was one more step to home
  • You played out every angle
  • Of every fantasy
  • But now you know what you really need


love, love, love

  • Woman you were willing to try
  • But your heart would never lie to you
  • Now you're gonna have to cry
  • And let your heart spend  some time with you
  • You were willing to try
  • But your heart wouldn't lie to you
  • Now you're gonna...............

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