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(Guy Thomas) 2013

I might be leaving soon
To take a trip around the moon and back
Would you still wait for me
After all the stars have turned to black

And if I were a poorer man
Who lost his way and didn't stand a chance
Coz it all can turn on a dime
Yeah sometimes life can be like that

And I'll sleep on it sleep on it sleep on it
Long after the sun goes down
And I'll dream a bit dream a bit dream of it
As the world comes back around

So I'll take a little walk
And maybe have a little talk with myself
Why do I do these things I do
And who put all these thoughts in my head

Come on rain down from the sky
Help me hide these tears that I cry
No one wants to see them show
Please help me let these feelings go

And I'll wonder why, wonder why, wonder why
But I will never know the truth
But I come to life, come alive, so alive
Every time I think of you

Been crawlin' out of this hole
For so long in the cold
I'm relearning my A B C's, 1 2 3's
Birds and bees

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