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(Guy Thomas)  1979

We were watchin' the 10:30 final news
And losin' the spirit of the night
And the phone didn't ring and it looked like everything
Would go wrong before it went right
Well the night was mainly black and rainy
When Haney's car appeared outside
And he strolled in and with a grin dipped into his pocket
And said boys I'm gonna take you for a ride
And we'll get strange
Tonight we're gettin' strange
We're gonna tame the flame
Forget our names and stumble around
Gonna change the same old games
We've been playin' in town

Well we drove off a half-lost cross-eyed crew
Unknowing and ill-informed 
The Machineshop was a bad stop to be sure
Somehow Haney got thrown out the door 
The barmaid screamed 
And said the boy got obscene
And the very next thing I know
We had to leave him behind
And started drivin' off blind
With a barfly and crazy Joe
And things were strange
Yeah things were strange
We're at a stop light with the cops right beside us
And then that's when I swore to myself
I'd never do this again

Well I looked at the clock and thought we talked until 6
But it was only 3:30 instead
And I said look Bruce it's no use no matter what I do
I can't seem to shake this high from my head
He said it seems now that somehow we slipped into a dream
But I'm sure we'll wake up again
Because a dream is just a dream and eventually
All things must come to an end
But I feel strange
You know I'm feelin' strange...
Wo, oh, oh, oh, oh
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