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(Guy Thomas)  1978

Katy you can go if you like
There's nothing I can do
The door is open wide
Come and go as you choose
Just say you'll stay 'til tomorrow 
Just say you'll stay 'til tomorrow  
Cause it's always so hard to see the end
We played Judy Blue Eyes in our band
And snuck hits out by the garbage cans
All our dreams and lofty plans
Just had to vanish away

Cause Katy we change
And change our change
Katy we change
And change our change  
So take another look around
Find yourself on the ground
And in trying to find the light
You might find that I was right
Cause whatever it was it was so good 
But now it's so strange
Cause Katy we change

All our inspired lines  
Turned into platitudes
As we both settled in
At different altitudes
Yeah it's so easy to do
But when I think about you
It makes it so hard to see the end
And in the garden I left a key
Should you ever need my company
And whatever it is you might think of me
I won't back away from this fight 

Cause Katy we change
And change our change
Katy we change
And we change our change
I took another look around
And found myself on the ground
And is searchin' for the light
I might find that you were right
Whatever it was it was so good
But now it's just strange
Cause Katy we change 
We change

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