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(Guy Thomas)  2018


I might be fading 
Out a little too soon
But why do you keep me waiting
When you know 
I’m a man on the move
I got to have you with me 
Loving me every night
You’re like no other baby
No, I’m not gonna lie 
I might have some bad intentions
But right now I must confide
I'd gladly pay for the big sins
And let the little ones ride

I’ve been known to pray to
Some power unknown  
To send your love my way to
Keep me from being alone 
You sway like a preacher
And his gathering
Singing out to the savior
And his ministry
But I can't help that the devil
Came and took me by the hand 
I got to be your lover
I just wanna be your man

I can’t say that 
I really know for sure
But from where I stand
I could still use a little more
Or I could count my blessings
And we could call it a day
But that’s just half of the story
There’s still so much left to say
But now is not the time for
Trying to understand
Cause I just want to be your lover
Let me be your man