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(Music: Guy Thomas
Words: Kim Silva & Guy Thomas)  2019

Father, oh father I wonder where you are
Cause I'm trying to understand
But no one will show me how
If no one is curious 'bout the things I feel
Then how do I know if they are real?
When I kneel down beside my bed tonight
And I send up a prayer somewhere to the sky
Are you listening up there?
Are you watching over me?

Father, oh father, where do I belong?
Father, in this world I sometimes
Don't know right from wrong
And when I make mistakes
Will you stand by me?
And help me to fight what I can't see

When I kneel down beside my bed tonight
Silent in prayer I close my eyes
And I wait for you there
Yes I'm waiting to hear from you

And if I am lost on a winter's night
Bring me in from the dark into the light

And if I make mistakes will you stand by me?
And help me to find what I can't see
Father, oh father please give me your hand
Cause I'm following you just as close as I can
And I need you here,
I need you here


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