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WEAVING STORIES |  3:15    2010


We were as light as the breeze
And I fly so high inside those memories
Of the days we wandered aimlessly
With nothing but the wind to move us
So we moved on

Now you watch the channels you like
(you do, you do)
While I read a book beneath my new mini book light
As our soldiers fight the war on terror
And we tuck our kids into bed here
And weave them stories


And thank God the balloon boy is safe
What would we do without another great story
Weaving stories
Weaving stories
(tellin' me, tellin' you)

(tellin' me, tellin' you)

(tellin' me, tellin' you)
(tellin' me, tellin' you)


All you need, all you need

All you need is love
© CNT Music