While still living in Ohio, at the age of 17, Guy was signed by RCA in New York as a solo artist. He moved on from there to start his own band and then performed with a wide array of famous recording artists writing, singing and playing mostly lead guitar, but also bass, and keyboards. 

In the eighties, Guy signed as a staff songwriter and had his songs recorded by numerous artists, including Carly Simon, Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson and Kenny Loggins. He co-wrote the hit "Conviction of the Heart" with Kenny Loggins, along with "Leap Of Faith" and "Now or Never" for Kenny's LEAP OF FAITH album.

Guy works from his studio composing and singing local and national commercials, trailers and television theme songs. Guy also performed with artists such as Kenny Loggins, Amy Grant, Michael McDonald, The Rembrandts, Michael Bolton, and Jackson Browne.

Other touring gigs as lead guitarist also include Sheena Easton, Laura Brannigan, and Corey Wells of Three Dog Night.

Since signing as a writer with Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co. in 1996, Guy worked almost exclusively on various television and film projects. Guy’s extensive library of music cues continues to be heard on a variety of shows on "Discovery Channel," "History Channel," "National Geographic Channel" and "A & E." Also including " Dateline," “Famous Homes and Hideaways,” "Dateline," “That’s So Raven”, “Parental Control,” "Oprah," "Katie," “Extra,” "Anderson Cooper," "Hoarders,'" "Ellen DeGeneres," "Pawn Stars," "On The Case" with Paula Zahn, "Where Are They Now," "Duck Dynasty," "Auction Hunters" "TMZ" as well as NBC Sports and Movietickets.com. Guy composed and edited all of the music for "B. Smith With Style" on NBC and all the music and theme for years of episodes of "Makeover Mamas" for the A & E channel.

For the past several years, Guy has scored hundreds of one and two hour prime-time cable television shows and specials. He has nearly one hundred singles released on Spotify and iTunes.