TV Scoring and Promos



Antarctica End Credits   
Motorcycles Motorcycles - The History Channel - 1.9mb - :49 "Bikers" - Fun Funk Rock
Super Heroes Super Heroes - The History Channel - 4.2mb - 2:04 Tease and Theme - Aggressive Dramatic Scoring
White House Special White House Special (intro and theme) History Channel
Sharpshooters (intro) Sharpshooters (intro) History Channel
The Bogeyman The Bogeyman (moody scoring) History Channel;
Celeb Vs. Celeb Celeb Vs. Celeb - The AMC Channel - 4.7mb - 2:30 Tease and Theme - Techno
Incriminating Incriminating Evidence (Court TV) intro
Aliens (promo)
The Train (promo)
The Chase (promo)