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HER WINTER COAT   | 3:19  
(G.Thomas)  2010

She wore her winter coat
On a summer day
In the desert
With nothing underneath
And nothing more to say
I undress her
And like a movie I will play her
Over and over in my sleep
I know I will never understand her
I don’t claim to ever
Be that deep

I don’t care too much about
What she does or doesn’t do
As long as she’s here
And she doesn’t have to make
Any sense at all
I’m gonna call it the truth
As long as she’s here

And she dances in the
Morning sunlight
And I watch with delight
For a while
Then I pretend I don’t even notice her
I turn away and sip my coffee
And she just smiles

She sees the world
In her reflection
Countless dimensions in her eyes
And she tangles up my
My sense of logic

And it's alright cause I just
Let it slide

And she wore her winter coat
On a summer day in the desert
In the desert
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