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(Guy Thomas) 

You know that there's a pebble
Stuck inside your shoe
But you can't seem to find it
And you don't know what to do
You try to lose the feeling
As you try to walk around
But all of that hurt in your heart
It pushes, and it pulls you
And it tears you apart, yeah

You know that there's a temple
High up on the hill
Your body starts to tremble
As you climb against your will
Darkness falls around you
And your road gets steeper still
And as you reach the height of your fear
The sound of your heartbeat
Is all you can hear, yeah

You want something more
You can not shake it
You want something real
You want a sacred life
No matter what you think
You can not fake it
Every breath you breathe
Reveals a sacred life

Laid out on the floor
Are all your secrets

It's been tugging on your sleeve
And you can not shake it
Love is what you need
This is a sacred life

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