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(G. Thomas) 2007
I grew up a kid in the 60’s
And I knew the words to every Beatles tune
I’d sing with them note for note
In front of the Magnavox
In our living room
I’d strap my white Supro on
And pretend that I was John
Those days are gone
Yeah those days are long gone
My older brother had a band called “The Forfeits”
And they played the bars and clubs
In towns and cities in northern Illinois
When I was just a boy
I’d climb into their beat up V-dub van
And ride along on their one night stands
Those days are gone
Those days have come and gone
Everywhere I look now
Everywhere I go now
It seems I fade right into the scenery
Afraid of feeling something
Or afraid of seeing something
But it’s just my shadow that's following me
I'll get by with a little help from my friends
But it’s gonna take a little time
We gave the right wing a flower
Back in the day, as if that was enough
Thinking we might invite them over
To our side with a little love (was so naive)
So we rolled up our tie-dyed peace sign flags
And tucked our hair way up under our hats
Cause those days are gone
Those days have come and gone
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