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  • "MAKE IT REAL"  1993
  • (G. Thomas  K. Loggins) 


  • Liberation is just a breath away
  • Do you deserve to live?
  • To feel?
  • After so many years of being strong
  • Can you lose control?
  • Can you make it real?
  • Whose life have you been living, anyhow
  • In your world of stone and steel?
  • Do you know yet who you're fighting for?
  • And can you let it go?
  • Can you make it real?
  • "And if you want me, you got me"
  • And if I have to fight
  • Come on and take me now
  • "It's a good day to die"
  • The future that you've been runnin' from
  • Has had the past behind the wheel
  • And when you don't know if you
  • Wanna live or die
  • And you think you've lost
  • Your will to survive
  • You'll hear your spirit cry
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