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(Guy Thomas)

It was just an ordinary
Just your ordinary house
He was just the next door neighbor
He always seemed a little holier than thou
But overall he was a nice enough fella
A real pillar of the community
Him, his kids, and his wife Stella
The kind you'd like to have over for tea

I can't help wondering what he had on his mind
I can't believe how we could all be so blind

What's this world comin' to
What are we all goin' through
It's always been such a quiet neighborhood
But things have changed around here for good
You see they got reporters all over the place
Cameras pointed right into my face
They want to know what he was really like
They want to know for their news tonight

I can't help thinkin' what a strange life this is
And if someday my fate might just turn out like his

I'm tellin' my story if your payin'
I've lined up X-TRA, A.J. and E.T.
I'm  feelin' a little like Kato Kalin
So what, it's just between him and me

Just your ordinary
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