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  • ANNA
  • (Guy Thomas) 1982     I was a big Steely Dan fan as you can tell.

 I looked on top of the dresser
And at the bottom of the laundry bag
I know you left your heart somewhere around here
Before it gets lost, help me find it Anna

  • Remember that joke we used to laugh at
  • The one where the nuns all get pregnant
  • You'd wrinkle your nose and grin
  • And keep it within yourself
  • It's just a game she plays
  • You'll never know her ways
  • She never lets on to too much........Anna
  • If you come back I'll be waiting
  • With open arms and your Wandering Jews
  • I watered them twice this week
  • While thinking of you
  • Don't you miss our little condo
  • The Korean neighbors and their perfect yard
  • And all of our friends they used to just drop by
  • Come on home
  • We all miss you Anna
  • Anna, I sometimes get so lost
  • Trying to live without you
  • I'm a man without a cause
  • Anna, it's no big mystery
  • You made my life feel so complete
  • I got your postcard from Miami
  • So your living down there with some D.J.
  • For being gone so long you didn't have much to say
  • But it's OK
  • You're always with me Anna


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