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(Guy Thomas) 1982

I looked on top of the dresser
And at the bottom of the laundry bag
I know you left your heart somewhere around here
Before it gets lost, help me find it Anna

Remember the joke we used to laugh at
The one where the nuns all get pregnant
You’d wrinkle your nose and grin
And keep it within yourself
It’s just a game she plays
You’ll never know her ways
She never lets on to too much….Anna

If you come back I’ll be waiting
With open arms and your Wandering Jews
I watered them twice this week
While thinking of you
Don’t you miss our little condo
The Korean neighbors and their perfect yard
And all of our friends they used to just drop by
Come on home we all miss you Anna

Anna, I sometimes feel so lost
Trying to live without you
I’m a man without a cause
Anna, it’s no big mystery
You made my life feel so complete

I got your postcard from Miami
So you’re living down there with some DJ
For being gone so long you didn’t have much to say
But it’s OK
You’re always with me Anna