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  • (Guy Thomas) 2001


  • I know that in your eyes
  • I’m a better man
  • And what you see in me is somethin’
  • I don’t understand
  • And why you wanna stay
  • And play the games I play
  • With everything I put you through
  • You should have just walked away
  • But you’re still here
  • To pick my soul up off the ground
  • And you came through
  • When I needed you
  • Why you put your faith in me
  • Is something I will never see
  • But you’re standin’ next to me
  • Like always
  • You’ve been here all along
  • Like I never did you wrong
  • So beautiful and strong
  • Like always
  • When you came into my life
  • I didn’t know of love
  • But you came down from heaven
  • Like an angel from above
  • You’re my shelter from the storm
  • The truth I’ve never known
  • You are my connection
  • To the only world I know
  • And you’re the only one
    Who never let me down
  • And you came through
  • When I needed you



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