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  • "IN MY ARMS"
  • (Guy Thomas)  1988


    • It’s more than just tempting
    • And so hard to stop once it starts
    • No way of pretending
    • And sending it back if it hurts
    • It’s not like the movies
    • We better think twice about this scene
    • We both know what heartache means
    • But the feeling overpowers us
    • And we buy it sight unseen
    • And here you are in my arms
    • Here you are in my arms
    • Lost in a vision
    • And I'm flyin’ as high as I can
    • Looking down from there
    • But seeing no place to land
    • Knowing you’re near me
    • I thought I could hear your voice call
    • But no one was there at all
    • I was feeling so sure one moment
    • And the next running from it all
    • The lines disappeared
    • That’s when I realized
    • Where do we go from here
    • Where do we go??
    • Now that your in my arms

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