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(G.Thomas)  1988

My dad passed away on 7-25-2010 and this song to him has now come full circle back to me and my son.

You never talked much
About your feelings
You never learned how
To let them show
I never asked you
If you were hurting
But one look in your eyes
Told me it was so
We never went walking
By the water
And watched the ravens fly
As the sun died down
And talk of the secrets
That came between us
Like father and son

I know your Dad
Was even more mad
He passed the burden down
Onto your back
Generations of desperation
Now it's here with me
And it won't let go

You know I forgive you
You did all you could
But now it’s up to me
To bring down these walls
Built of silence
That stand between
A father and son

How can I blame you
You did all you could
But I can't help thinkin'
How it might have been
If all of the secrets
Never came between us
Father and son

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