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(Guy Thomas, Nicolas Maranda, Pascale Coulombe)
Pascale Coulombe: vocals    Janeen Rae Heller: the saw   Guy & Nicholas: guitars

Just when I think I've got it good
That everything's just like it should
Another cowboy comes along
Leavin' me dry as a bone
In this cheap motel I call home

The only signs I see
Are neons blinkin' down on me
Another cow jumps over the moon
My head feels like a shooting star
Lost between Las Vegas and Mars

I'm just another day dreamer
He's just another dream weaver
Kiss stealin', mind blowin', heart jugglin' clown
Leavin' me howlin' like a hound
a ooh ooh a ooh
a ooh ooh a ooh

Just another cowboy song
The man with the golden gun
He's gone
He played me like an out of tune guitar
Lost between Las Vegas and Mars

Poppy seeds blowin' in the wind
I guess it's time to lift up my chin
You play your hand you can't always win
My heart feels like an old used car
Lost between Las Vegas and Mars

(Benzie Box Music, Pascale Coulombe Music,Cherry Lane Music) ©1998