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(Guy Thomas, Nicolas Maranda, Pascale Coulombe)

Pascale Coulombe: vocals    Janeen Rae Heller: the saw   Guy & Nicholas: guitars

  • Just when I think I've got it good
  • That everything's just like it should
  • Another cowboy comes along
  • Leavin' me dry as a bone
  • In this cheap motel I call home
  • The only signs I see
  • Are neons blinkin' down on me
  • Another cow jumps over the moon
  • My head feels like a shooting star
  • Lost between Las Vegas and Mars
  • I'm just another day dreamer
  • He's just another dream weaver
  • Kiss stealin', mind blowin', heart jugglin' clown
  • Leavin' me howlin' like a hound
  • a ooh ooh a ooh
  • a ooh ooh a ooh
  • Just another cowboy song
  • The man with the golden gun
  • He's gone
  • He played me like an out of tune guitar
  • Lost between Las Vegas and Mars
  • Poppy seeds blowin' in the wind
  • I guess it's time to lift up my chin
  • You play your hand you can't always win
  • My heart feels like an old used car
  • Lost between Las Vegas and Mars
(Benzie Box Music, Pascale Coulombe Music, Southshore Music/Cherry Lane) ©1998