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(Guy Thomas / Sydney Barrosse)  1994
A "Quiet Saint" song


I wanna run I wanna riot
And the fire's just begun
Don't understand
Can't tame the lion
Let the lion's will be done
Wanna die, wanna die
That's all I know
Wanna die, wanna die

Jamie, where do we run to
It's crazy
Look what it's come to
I'm praying', hear what I'm saying'
And hold me now

Don't wanna stop
Not in this moment
It's gonna take a miracle
To give it up
To think it over
Cause it's so unnatural
Oh, I can't undo what's been done to me
Oh, caught in the heart of it


Wanna die, wanna die

Jamie, where do we run to
I'm shakin' we're all alone
I'm taking all I can take
Jamie hold me now

Jamie, it's crazy
I'm praying
Hear what I'm saying
And hold me now


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