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(Van Morrison)

Hey where did we go
The days when the rains came
Down in the hollow
We were playin' a new game
Laughing and a running hey, yeah
Skipping and a jumping
In the misty morning fog
Ah, our hearts a thumpin' and you
My brown eyed girl
Yeah, you're my brown eyed girl

Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine
With a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall
Slipping and sliding
All along the water fall, with you
My brown eyed girl
You're my brown eyed girl
Do you remember??
You were my brown eyed girl, my girl

And it's so hard to find my way
Now that I'm on my own
Cause I saw you just the other day
And my, my how you have grown
Cast my memory back there Lord
Sometimes I'm overcome thinking 'bout
Making love in the green, green grass
Behind the stadium with you
My brown eyed girl
You're my brown eyed girl
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