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(Guy Thomas, Rich McHugh) 1983
There is a poem by Rumi called;
I, You, She, We
I, you, she, we. 
In the garden of mystic lovers 
these are not true distinctions.   

When the memory has faded
Love will still live on
If your heart has waited
The dream comes along
I get scared and tongue-tied
Whenever I touch this place
I fall apart so easy
Whenever I see your face

You, he, she and I
There's no real distinction
Us, them, we decide
To take different names
You, he, she and I
In the mystic garden
Outside, inside
We are all the same
We are all the same

It's comin' up on daylight
I can feel the dawn
Slept so peaceful last night
I'm where I belong
Some might call this desert
Anything but paradise
You say you believe in heaven
But only if it turns out nice


I might never understand you
But I will always wish you well
No matter where the past will take us
I guess only time will tell

You, he, she, and I
In the mystic garden
Us, them, we decide
We are all the same
All the same
We are all the same
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