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  • (Guy Thomas) 1981    I recorded this at Art Munson's studio many, many moons ago. It was written for the very talented and lovely Donna McDaniel Pavlock, with whom I was living at the time.


  • When she's gone I just get lonely
  • Thinking of her, of her only
  • I can not find a substitute
  • Well, nothing works it's just no use
  • I know she's just miles away
  • And that I will soon see her someday
  • But when she's gone I'm feeling under
  • Feeling bad and it don't get better
  • The longer that she's gone I get weaker
  • I'm holding' on until I see her
  • And each day has been the same
  • Walking a tightwire in the rain
  • It's easy to sing a lullabye
  • When love is on the other side
  • It's hard to sing anything else
  • When you're up all night all by yourself
  • When she's gone I stumble blindly
  • I need her right here beside me
  • And like a ghost I let it haunt me
  • Happiness just don't want me
  • When she's gone


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