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  • (Guy Thomas) 1994          3 days of craziness driving cross-country from Youngstown, Ohio to L.A. in my                                          VW bug the day after graduating from high school with my best friend Johnny Puskar.


  • We left home some time ago
  • Just me and Billy
  • We looked out on the open road
  • So ready and willing
  • We needed some kind of change
  • We were fresh out of high school
  • So we packed up my Fairlane
  • We were finally on the move
  • We were livin' outside the law
  • We followed the setting sun
  • West across the prarie
  • That was our summer of freedom
  • My mescaline compadre
  • We were star gazers you and me
  • The stars of our own B movie
  • And we slept by the roadside
  • I'll never forget those nights
  • When we were livin' just outside the law
  • We saw through a dreamer's eyes
  • A world without compromise
  • There were no answers you could keep us from
  • No danger we couldn't overcome
  • So follow your shooting star
  • As it flies through the heavens
  • Cause it might be your ticket out
  • And it could be what you've been dreamin' 'bout
  • And you're livin' just outside the law


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