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  • (Guy Thomas) 2008


  • Once I was ten feet tall
  • I always thought I knew it all
  • And when you touched my life
  • Nothin' ever felt so right
  • But it didn't take long
  • There wasn't a sound
  • And everything came crashing down
  • I'll be waiting, always waiting
  • Until we begin again
  • Yeah I'll be waiting, anticipating
  • Till we begin again

  • Love, was it just a word you said
  • Was it from your heart or your head
  • The answers came so easily
  • But now it's all a mystery to me
  • There is no light
  • Now that you're gone
  • Something so right could never be wrong
  • I'll be waiting, always waiting 
  • Till we begin again
  • And when you were leaving 
  • I was still believing 
  • That someday we'll begin again


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