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This song is about the documentary "God Grew Tired Of Us." Sudanese refugees (the Lost Boys specifically) were forced out of their homes to live in refugee camps. They had to walk a thousand miles and years later a thousand miles again throughout the desert with little food or water trying to find a place to live.

  • (Guy Thomas) 2011


  • It's a fairly simple story
    About a man who lost all he had known
    But still he sees the glory
    As he marches on so far from home
    All the days he prayed for rain
    And all the days it never came
    Nothin' was for sure but the pain
    Forced to leave from every place he came
    With nothin' but scars to show
    And still a thousand miles to go

    Across the barren desert
    Is a sun that can not be controlled
    And buried like a treasure
    They can never steal his heart of gold
    Or take away his dreams
    And all the riches he has seen
    It's a place that they can never reach
    And there's nothin' they could ever know or teach
    That will ever stand the light of day
    They only know how to stand in the way
    When he said

  • Give me a home, hear what I say now
    Give me a home

    It's a fairly senseless story
    About a man who lost everything and still believed
    That there is still a chance for glory
    And somehow someday we all might see
    The heart of what's at stake
    And what the Earth can give and take
    And in the smiles our children make
    Are all the answers to our mistakes
    And where is the God we can trust
    Even when he grows tired of us

    Give me a home, I'm so tired
    Give me a home
    I know you don't know my name
    Give me a home

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