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(G. Thomas) 2011

When you feel unknown
Remember nobody knows you better
When you come undone
I'm here to help put you back together
If your cover is blown
And your life feels just like a feather
In the storm

If you want to fight
'Cause your dreams have been torn and tattered
And you need to get high
Baby I'll supply the ladder
So just hold on tight
Because the only thing that matters
Is you

Wo - wo - wo oh oh oh
Wo - wo - wo oh oh oh

Blueprint in hand
Four walls and some land
A roof and a chimney for the fire
The dogs and the cat
Asleep in our laps
A place we can be when we need to
Unwind our wires

When you're on the run
But there is nothing to fear behind you
Just follow the sun
And race into the light and I'll find you
And once it's begun
Nothin's ever gonna stop you
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