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  • "PRETTY SARO"  (traditional folk song)
  •  2011    A little proud parenting going on here. My daughter and I saw the movie "Songcatcher" together and she learned this song that was in it. She's 12. Good job Celeste!!  


  • When I first came to this country in 1849
  • I saw many pairs of lovers but I never saw mine
  • I felt it all around me, saw that I was quite alone
  • And me a poor stranger and a long way from home
  • Fare thee well to my mother, fare thee well to my father too
  • I'm alone and for to ramble this wide world all through
  • And I get weary, I will sit down and cry
  • Think of my Saro, pretty Saro, my bride
  • While I wished I was a turtle dove
  • Had wings and could fly
  • Far away to my lover's lodgings
  • Till night I draw nigh
  • There in her lily-white arms I'd lay there all night
  • And watch through them little winders
  • For the dawning of day