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(Guy Thomas) 2011

They were all hiding in the bush
Big game hunters out on the loose
And they got their bullets
And their guns
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run today
Who's diggin'
The last lion's grave

And now the dow falls and panic rises
Wall street's got itself a new crisis
And half way around the world
They kill the beast and argue over who will get
The last lion head

It's a sign of the times so many feel
Their lives have been hijacked
By those who take whatever they can
And never  give nothin' back

As night falls on the savannah
I was waking up in Tarzana
He was sleeping out under the moon
And I was thinking of writing a tune to sing
To the last lion king

Well Joni's thought was the parking lot was paradise
And we don't really know just what we've got until it dies

And when there's no more
Loud roar
Big teeth
And the pompadour
The large paws, sharp claws
Steel jaws
Who's gonna keep us
Where we belong?
When the last lion is gone
Who's gonna be strong?
When the last lion is gone

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