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(G. Thomas)  2011

I walked in and you were there
Sorry if I had to stare
As you made your perfect entrance
And looking that way you do
I couldn't look at anything but you
Everything else went evanescent

And maybe I'm a little high
But it helped me get here tonight
And to finally find the courage somehow
Forgive me but I have to say
That if there ever was an angel
She would look just like you do right now

The way I look at you
(The way I look at you)
And everything you do
(Everything you do)
But you’ll never know
The way I look at you

So tell me what you think about
Everything you think about
Cause I could spend my whole life listening
To the words spilling off your lips
All I really need is this
One moment I can keep reliving

And no you don't need to understand
But I'd better leave while I still can
Or else I'm gonna wreck this ending
Believe me as I walk away
There's nothing that I'd rather do than stay
But I'd only be a fool pretending

That I could be with you
(Could be with you)
And that you would want me to
(You would want me to)
If you only knew
If you could see through my eyes
(See through my eyes)
The love that I see in you
(I see in you)
If you could only see