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(Guy Thomas) 1981    

  • Give me your hand   
  • Your every move is sacred
  • After this dance
  • There's somewhere I'd like to take you
  • Where all the sights and sounds
  • The prophets and the clowns
  • Surround us
  • Let the valet park the car
  • We'll savor every aimless moment
  • On the boulevard
  • Under the lights
  • There's nothin' else like this feeling
  • And the look in your eyes
  • Is all I need to believe in
  • Let's forget everything
  • Time is vanishing behind us
  • Tonight we'll disappear
  • And only the new day will find us
  • On the boulevard, yeah
  • Now here we go
  • We don't have to be
  • Anything but cheap imitations
  • And you can't help but feelin' free
  • From all the worldly limitations
  • On the boulevard
  • Out on the boulevard
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