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(Guy Thomas) 2012

Late night medicine
I'm high without a friend
And you're in my head again

Everyday passes by
With no relief anywhere in sight
My head aches my feet drag
I can only think of what I had

And I should be staying in
Coz I'm bleeding out
And I'm really lost this time
But I need to leave
There's too many memories here
So I'm out for a drive

Well we'd roll around on the floor
In love for hours I'm sure
It can't get better than this
And you could get me so high
I felt like a giant
And I thought I was never gonna come down

The walls are closin' in
And I'm fading out
And I think I've lost my mind
I need to clear my head
And get out of bed
So I'm out for a drive

I've been uptown 'round town downtown
Lookin' for something that only can come
From inside
But when I think about you
All that I can do is pretend
That I'm alright

So I'll take a spin
In this state I'm in
Coz it's what I need to survive
I should be stayin' in
But I need to feel the wind
So I'm out for a drive

I'm alone once again
With my late night medicine

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