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(Guy Thomas) 2012

Well I'd like to think that everything is gonna work out fine
We'll grow old together right here with the ones we love
And I can't erase the past no matter how hard I try
The best I can hope for is to make peace with it

Yet what seemed so far away
Gets closer everyday
I was sewn up and locked away
Until you undid me

I used to roam the streets looking for another high
I kinda gave up on thinkin' that I'd ever fit in
And all those sleepless nights that we didn't get along
Well there ain't nothin' wrong with that
(wrong with that, wrong with that)

Well I spent so many days
Looking through the crystal haze
I was hooked and couldn't get away
Until you undid me
What I hope for everyday
Is to find some kind of grace
As we sail our ship away
Sail our ship away

Somewhere where everyone's worlds will collide
Somewhere where the big hearts are open wide

Got a sea of stars tonight
Everything's gonna be alright
Took me years and years of hidin'
And then you undid me
Wanna be here where you are
And tear all the old ways apart
You put somethin' back in my heart
Yeah when you undid me

Na na na na na na na
You undid me
Na na na na na na na
Because you undid me
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