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(Guy Thomas) 2013    Michael Todd - Sax

Why don't you sit this one out
And think about the consequences
Right now you're too far gone
And you've been overtaken by your senses
The evidence is overwhelming and the lawyers are drooling
You got the appetite of some monster right out of the movies

Remember how it made you high
To render them so defenseless
You took the sparkle from their eyes
And gave them nothing but nightmares

So it continues what you'd been through
Ever since you were hurt too
And it seems so easy to hide behind
That perfect disguise of virtue
How do you answer to this cancer
That spreads slowly around you
And all the sorry souls who never had a chance
Once they'd found you

You want to blame it on the 60's
And the free love revolution
And when it all comes to light
You'll pray to God to give you absolution
He who fights with monsters
Better take care lest he becomes one

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