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(G. Thomas / D. Matkosky)  1995
Chris Ralles - drums & percussion

The streets are empty and you're not here
I want to call you but I don't
So I tip the waitress and finish my beer
I guess that it's time to go home

My mind is racing and I know that it's late
I'm tired of sleeping alone
And as much as I would like to see your face
Well I guess that it's time to go home

Damn this feeling, damn this need
I'm so completely incomplete

And from somebody's window
Martha Davis sings
Only the lonely can play
And I don't know if it means anything
But it's lonely to be this way

Sometimes a man hears
Only what he wants to hear
Even when the truth
Is makin' itself so clear
So until tomorrow I better just disappear
Cause I guess that it's time to go home

Damn this feeling (damn this feeling)
Damn this need (and all that it means)
I'm so completely incomplete

How do I turn off these restless nights
When there's only one place left to go
How do I turn down all the noise inside
When I don't want to be this alone
But I know that it's time to go home