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(Guy Thomas)  2014

You snuck out the back with all of your things last night
You left me a note that said "I'm gone for good."
Well good luck and good riddance my goodbye girl
What I wouldn't give to hold you
One more time

(how could you go?)
You can have all the memories
(how could you leave?)
It's gonna take some time  
(now that you're gone)
To split up all our friends
Into yours and mine

Could I be any further down and out?

(down and out)
I couldn't break out of what was happening
Even if I'm yesterday's news
I refuse to believe
(I need a drink)
That you should take the blame

For everything
(now that you're gone)
Don't worry cause I won't call you
(now that you're free)
And I'm not gonna beg and plead
(beg and plead)
But it's gonna be one long hot summer
(now that you're gone)
Alone on our balcony

And so life drags on
Everyday and night
And there's no words to say
Without you

And so it goes

That's how I know that I'm here 
And so it goes
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