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(G.Thomas)   BG vocals  Celeste Thomas

Asleep on a slow train
Don't wake me up until we reach
Some destination
That I really need to see
Because I'm happy here
I've got no worries here
I'm gonna take my time
And fall

Asleep on a slow train
With you snuggled by my side
To some destination
Just taking a long slow ride

Maybe I could be nicer
But maybe you could be a little nicer too
We're so used to each other
Well that's probably just an excuse
Cause it starts as a tiny seed
And grows into a weed
With an undeniable need
To be free

So do we stay the course
Together or apart
It's just a matter of the heart
So much chatter in our hearts

Asleep on a slow train
The rails runnin' side by side
Here comes a cold rain
But we're lost to the world gone by

I'm gonna stay here awhile
Stay here awhile
Turn off the world
And dial it down

Asleep on a slow train
Like a river flowin' overground
It feels like a good place
To let all my walls come down
Asleep on a slow train
Two passengers in the night
To some destination
It doesn't matter if we arrive

On time

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