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(Guy Thomas)  1979
Performed by Redtail

Just last night I heard someone say
Rock and roll is here to stay
Well you know that I really hope it's true
I've spent so much time with this thing
Strapped around my neck and practicing
I wouldn't know of anything else I could do
Pack my bags
I'm off on the road
There's little tags
On everything I own
And if I'm alive
When I arrive
I owe my soul to the rock and roller

Well I can't help kickin' off my shoes
When I'm drunk and she's feelin' loose
And I hear those old Chuck Berry tunes
Four guys playin' in the band
Just like the fingers on your hand
Each one knows what the other one is doin'
My baby danced the whole night long
She knew the words to every song
And if I die without sayin' goodbye
I owe my soul to the rock and roller

Rock and roller