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(Guy Thomas) 1984

I poured the last of the coffee down into my cup
Strolled out into the rain and turned my collar up
I hailed a taxi down I was almost on my way
When I thought I heard a sound
I recognized right away

And there she was smiling
On that grey day
Down on Riverfront Street
Callin' out my name
She started runnin' toward me
Lookin' so alive
So good seein' her again
After all this time
And I said "Where you been Tamara"
Holding her I said
"Oh, where you been Tamara"
She said "I've been livin' uptown
And I'm married now
She saw a little tear in my eye
And I said "It's OK, I'm alright"

So I get into the taxi
And I take it to work
I fumble through my wallet
To find that picture of her
And I'll never forget that day
When she said "It's for the best
If we go our seperate ways
And give our poor hearts a rest...."

Ohhhh Tamara
Holdin' her I said
"Ohhh, where you been Tamara?"
You see I've been holdin' on

To the love we had
And every time that I sing this song
I still want you back

I poured the last of the coffee down into my cup

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