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(Guy Thomas)  2014

Well I was tryin' to go back
To the way
To the way it was
And just forget all of the hard time
That we had
And I wish I could have been more strong
But what I thought was right was wrong
And that's all that I wanted
That's all I wanted to say

And I've been sittin' here alone with my thoughts
And nothin' else
God damn memories of you and I
And how together we died
I wanted to bring you back
Wanted to be your man
And that's all I wanted
That's all I wanted to say

Everywhere I look now
Everyplace I go now
Nothin' else seems to erase
What I had with you
I can't deny it
I just stand by and
I can not fight it anymore
They say time heals everything
But this one thing won't fade away

I want to run away
Want to run back to you
Do anything I have to do
To get back to you
To get you back here
Anyway, anyhow
Back in my arms again
Is where you belong
One more, one more kiss goodnight

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