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(Guy Thomas)  1975

The minnows watched from the water
The blackbirds from the pie
The childcatcher came a runnin'
And the sun slipped from the sky
There ain't no sunshine
Cause the sun slipped from the sky

The badger caught the dormouse
And you had your chance to escape
The childcatcher came a runnin'
And it's you he wants to take
He tricked you with his wonders
And he lured you with his bait
You can blame yourself for listening
And you can blame the rest on fate

The pilgrims have their freedom
And the English have their tea
The childcatcher came a runnin'
And he showed 'em his recipe
He says you take the child from the man
And put the man in the child
Cuz there's only one way to live your life
And we can't haven' you running' wild

Child, child, child, child

The childcatcher was asleepin'
Asleepin' at my door
He said he's gonna wait there forever
Until he gets what he comes for
He said, "Come, come you realize
We can't have your child running loose."
I said, "Stand back you can't have that
What are you trying to prove."

Child, child, child, child