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(Guy Thomas)  2015

Well my mother was a housewife
And my daddy was a gambler
For most of his life 
My brothers got married
Both were union men in Michigan
Who worked their fingers to the bone
The happy empty
The happy empty

It was 1974
I was 18 sitting high up
In the saddle of my youth
And the picture
Never changes
It just moves with you
As you move through 
Your days and your nights

So have yourself a good time
Until the money's all gone
Have yourself a good life
Whatever you settle upon
Have yourself a good time
They say that it won't last long
And I know it now 
Yes I know it know

Play upon your windows
And you're trying to control
All the things that are controlling you
In your dark eyes
I see only things that lonely men
Conceal in lies

Somehow have yourself a good time
At least until the money's all gone
Have yourself a good life
Even if you're livin' it wrong
Just see it in a good light
They say that's what you need to be strong
And I know it now
I know it now

The happy empty
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