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(Guy Thomas)  2015

I see the Monday paper
Lying in the lawn today, oh yeah
And I kinda just want to stay here
And get a good buzz on today, oh yeah
My hair is growin' thin
Grey hairs on my chinny chin chin
I'm kind of wasting away here
Got that weird taste in my beard 
Please don't let me disappear 

Come on help me out agent man
Only you can understand
Why I am like I am
So whats you got for me, my agent man?

You put me on your back burner
Don't think that I don't know
The score
You might think that I'm a slow learner
But I know when I'm being shown
The door
So help stop my bleeding heart
Just get me to read the part
I know I'm not on your "A" list
Maybe not even on your "B'" list
You told me once
"We got to get you noticed."

Come on help me out agent man
Put me back in the spotlight
Week after week if you can
So come on give me somethin' agent man

I don't mind last minute cattle calls
Lines that stretch half-way down the hall 
You won't ever hear me complain 
I never complain about anything at all  
I'm on it

Come on help me out agent man
My rent is overdue and my landlord
Is at his wit's end
Come on give me somethin' agent man
Yeah give me anything agent man