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(Anis Mojgani - Guy Thomas)  2015

This is for all the fat little girls
That were stolen of their pride
This is for all the schoolyard wimps
That were bullied all of the time

Shake the dust
Wake the dead
Scrape off the rust
Free your head

This is for the hard man who searches for love
That he knows he'll never find
This is for all the forgotten ones
Who never got to see Paradise

The king is love 
You know I have to bring it up
Go ahead and drink it up

Shake the dust
Shake the dust

This is for all the families 
That will never be like the Cleavers
With perfectly prepared dinners 
And songs like Wally and the Beaver

Shake the dust

Rip out the sky
Cast out the curse
That makes you wanna hide

Come on and shake the dust

Buried inside
And scrape off the rust

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