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(Guy Thomas - Nicci Sill)  1999

Now girls just listen
To some advice of mine
It might just help you
Get through some hard times
Sit back relax
And kick off your shoes
Maybe I can help you
Shake off your blues

I don't need no wine or whiskey
As long as I can listen to my favorite song
Real good music always makes my tipsy
Dancin' and singin' always makes me feel strong
Steppin' to the left if you had a fight
You wake up in the morning and you feel alright
Sing out loud if you have to impart
Start to mend the pieces of a broken heart

I don't need no man to tell me
How to where my hair or what dress to put on
Well you can run 'em down even try to tell me
But just try to own me well just picture me gone
My bags will be packed I'll be straight out the door
I'll tell 'em don't you bother to call me no more
Once you've done me wrong and you lose my trust
Honey you won't see me for dust

I'm outta here, I'm outta here
One wrong move and I'm outta here
I say it loud I'm gonna say it clear
I said so long

So you