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(Guy Thomas)  2015

Call it living in between
Life and the shadowland
Wishin' I was anyone  
Except for who I am
Drained from the delusioned
And delusional at best
Choose the easy situations  
And disregard the rest

Oh, it's still a no-go
Oh, it's still a no-go

And I'm staring at  the wishing well
And I'm throwing in a dime
I know it don't mean anything
And it's hardly worth my time
I can't rewrite the story now
I can only write the end
I'm looking for a miracle
That makes me whole again

And oh, it's still a no go
Oh,  I'm still a no show

If I'm lookin' like I've seen a ghost or two
Well it's only for the most part I'm invisible too
As grateful as I am for the life that we knew
As good as my grip is
I just can't seem to hold onto you a

What if the lock to your door won't open with my key
What if what I thought was love was just a reverie
And what if there is no truth that can ever fill the need
When every thought I held so high is much lower than it seems

Oh and it's still a no go
Oh and I'm still a no show
Oh and it's still a no go
Yeah, and I'm still a no show

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